Vendo G9 Glass Front Drink Vending Machine NEW Made IN USA



The Vendo G9 Drink Machine never ends. The most successful Glass Front Vendor of our history presented in a new look. A spacious and brightly illuminated showcase enhances product visibility. An innovative capacitive keypad with backlit numerals provides high visibility in light and dark places. New user-friendly features offer a large display in blue characters with a new easy door latching system.The GGFV’s quick drink delivery (less than 8 seconds!)and user-friendly features make it a front-running Glass Front Vendor on the market. An optic sensor ensures proper product delivery, never allows a customer to feel cheated by a failed
product vend cycle. A larger, brighter, Vacuum Fluorescent Display is an available option for better consumer communication. All mechanical parts are located inside the cabinet, eliminating misalignment
problems.An external hinge allows the GGFV to be banked. The roll-out electronics drawer allows for wide access to all electrical components and payment systems. the drawer protects the control board from any accidental products spills during re-stocking

  • Total Can Capacity (w/ 7 Shelves) 567
  • Total PET Bottle Capacity (w/ 5 Shelves) 360
  • Vendo G9 Drink Machine Selection Spaces
  • 7 Shelves 63 (Optional) Extra Charge
  • 5 Shelves 45
  • Dimensions*
  • H × W × D 72″ × 47″ × 34″
  • Shipping Weight* 715 lbs
  • Operation Voltage 115v 60Hz
  • Amp Rating 8
  • Energy Consumption ≤4.6 kWh/day
  • Lighting LED
  • Refrigerant R-134a or R-290
  • Lock Type T-Handle
  • Capacity per
  • Column
  • 8 oz / 12 oz Can 9
  • 250ml Can 11
  • Vendo G9 Drink Machine 16.9oz / 20oz PET Bottle ** 8
  • We buy, sell & repair most models of vending machines & Componets

    Financing Available. Any questions please contact thevendingmachineking. MADE IN AMERICA!



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