Vendo 669 M&M CHILLED CANDY MACHINE ~ Refrigerated Candy Machine HIGH CAPACITY



Vendo 669 M&M CHILLED CANDY MACHINE ~ Refrigerated Snack Machine HIGH CAPACITY


Manufacturer:    Vendo
Model:        669
Pricing:    Multi-Price
Dispenses:    669 candy bars
Selections:    12
Bill Acceptor:    MEI Series 2000
Coin Acceptor:    3 Tube Coin Co or MEI
MDB?        No
Dex?        No
Outdoor rated?     Yes
C.C.Capable?    Yes
Shimless Stack?    Yes
Vend Sensor?    Yes
Multi Price?    Yes

Power:        120 Volts
Weight:       700 lbs.
Dimensions:    72″H x 39″W x 34″D

Machines are degreased, pressure washed, cleaned upon arrival. We install rebuilt bill and coin, replace any weak or worn out parts, and thoroughly test each machine.

Included with machine:
Local delivery & setup – We help you setup your new machine and will show you the maintenance you can perform to extend the life of your new machine!
Your choice of warranty includes parts AND local labor.
1 Lock, 2 Keys & pricing labels are included
Palletization, corners, and shrink wrapped are FREE. Machine is setup to customer specification and tested before shipping or delivery.
Lifetime technical phone support

This machine is 100% mechanically tested, with the inside and outside of the machine in great condition as well! This machine is 100% good to go, complete with a lock! The only thing you need is the products and you are in business!


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