New Royal Vendors RVV500 Glass Front Vendor



The Royal Vision Vendor has a smaller footprint than most similar can and bottle drink machines, yet it still offers up to 40 different selections and prices. It will vend from the small 250ml. energy drink cans up to 20oz. bottles. The RVV 500 entails a new type of delivery process. Most glass front systems allow the purchased product to free fall down into the delivery bin. The RVV 500 has a unique retrieval system consisting of an elevator which retrieves the sold product from its shelf and delivers it safely to the delivery bin, eliminating potential product damage or product foaming.

  • 5 Individual “pull out” shelves.
  • Standard Foot Print (35.5″ x 37″ x 72″)for easy vendor placement.
  • Delivery Optic Sensor For Vending Validation.
  • Triple Pane Tempered Glass.
  • Vandal Resistant Door.
  • Superior Customer Entertainment.
  • Extensive Package Flexibility with no Adjustments, Shims or Kits Required.
  • Royal Parts Warranty

    • 5 Years – Refrigeration &
    • 3 Years – Control Board & Credit Display
    • 1 Year – Complete Machine

Capacities Total Per Selection
250ml. Can (Red Bull Style) 400 10
12oz. Can 320 8
20oz. Bottle 280 7
Model: 500
Shelves 5
Selections 40
Height: 72″
Width: 37″
Depth: 35.5″
Weight: 760lbs.

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