Gatorade Refurbished Vendo 840 HVV Soda Machine HVV 12,16 & 20 oz Made in USA



Refurbished Vendo 840 HVV Soda Machine  A beautiful looking Refurbished Vendo 840 HVV Soda Machine is the very first choice of bottlers who have been in the vending business for a number of years.  . The vending machine comes with a coin insert bezel in the middle of the machine which gives the machine a futuristic retro look.    The machine carries high profile labels that are easy to see.  The machine works well in high volume locations.   Talking about the body and the design the Refurbished Vendo 840 HVV Soda Machine comes with standard Features that include a curved sign face, molded DBV panel, large selection buttons, and electronic locking system. Available for only $995.00  the refurbished Vendo 840 HVV Soda Machine is a must have vending machine.

  • The HVV is designed to attract attention in high volume locations.
  • Standard Features include lights,
  • curved sign face,
  • molded DBV panel, l
  • large selection buttons
  • , electronic locking system,
  • ADA compliant, UL certified
  • , ENERGY STAR qualified & meets or exceeds DOE & EPA requirements.
  • • The V21 has a full function MDB controller with DEX/UCS, recycler, and wireless telemetry compatibility.
  • The V21 and Vue control boards are completely interchangeable.
  • • Energy management features included on every model make the V21 one of the most energy efficient machines available
  • LED lighting, real-time clock, lighting and refrigeration controls, cyclopentane injected foam insulation (HFC-free)
  •  • The V21 utilizes 24 volts, DC motors that are installed with only two screws for easy servicing.
  • There are no micro switches or timing cams. •
  • The time-tested V21 product delivery system design ensures reliable vending due to reduced sensitivity to package diameter and shape.
  • Rugged top retainer ensures consistent product alignment every time the door is closed.
  • Optional new Conlux package changer and bill validator 2 year warranty  $475.00
  •  The V21’s epoxy coated vend chute provides smooth product delivery.
  • The V21 stack allows for maximum flexibility during product loading.
  • Most products can be loaded caps to back, butt-to-butt, or in combination.
  • Warranty 30 days parts.  Shipping not included.
  • Telephone technical support Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm EST.
  • Any questions give us a call.

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We offer Brand New, Refurbished and Ready to Locate Royal, Dixie Narco & Vendo Soda Machines. We can assist you in finding location marketing companies and product suppliers in your area. For more information about  this great looking Royal Soda Machine or in starting a vending business feel free to contact us.



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