Dixie Narco Soda & AP 7000 Snack Vending Machines




Dimensions 35″D 38.5″W 72″H

Multiple pricing.

45 selections.

20candy coils.

20  chip coils.

5 Gum & Mint



Dimensions 28″D 37″W 79″H

8Selections. Holds 440 cans.

Single Price.


Minor nicks & scratches and rub marks.
Machine lights,vends,takes coins/dollors,

gives change, snack trays slide nice,

 & soda cools. 

Comes with lock & key.

Picking up will train on operating.

Forklift for loading.

 Any questions please call Phil 714-538-0835 .

I “WILL” Set Machine Up For You Before packaging.

Put price labels in & Set Prices.

If you would like full service vending company please click on the link below.



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