Conlux CV 1000 BILL VALIDATOR MDB ACCEPTS $1’s,$5’s,$10’S &$20’S NEW MADE BY MEI





Conlux CV 1000 BILL VALIDATOR MDB ACCEPTS $1’s,$5’s,$10’S & $20’S NEW MADE BY MEI

The CONLUX CV1000 delivers high performance to the

value conscious operator. Built upon the MEI CONLUX®

heritage of market leading bill validators, the CONLUX

CV1000 is simple to operate and offers solid reliability.

CV1000 Acceptance Features

Accepts notes from $1-$20 at a 95% acceptance rate or greater. 4-way bill

acceptance is now offered in the Conlux brand with the CV1000. Sensors for

validation are all optical technology and boast dual pellet sensing.

Market your business with coupons! The CV1000 offers more coupon options to

operators than previous Conlux validators. Select from four different versions,

which include a secure, low cost option.

Merchandising Made Simple

The CV1000 bezel design allows the validator to clear the latest LCD screens

being placed on today’s vending machines from a distance.

CV1000 bezel LED’s are brighter than its predecessor CONLUX validators,

helping merchandise your machines.

Keep the ‘storefront’ open longer with 300 and 500 note cashbox options which are

convenient sizes for busy machines. Dual side entry cashbox doors provide drivers

easy access to collect cash and are colored in a distinguishable royal blue hue.

2013 MEI. All rights reserved. MEI is ISO 9001:2000 Certified

Accept $1-$20

4-way bill acceptance

300 or 500 note cashbox

24Volt MDB only




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