Coinco Vantage Bill Acceptor/Credit Card Reader VC6


Coinco’s new Vantage™ bill acceptor with bill recycler will increase sales revenue by accommodating high denomination bill transactions and delivering preferred change (bills instead of coins) for today’s consumer. With all the same features as the standard Vantage™ the Vantage-VR6™ incorporates a bill recycler. Now, every vending machine can now take $20 bills and offer bills back as change. With Coinco’s Smart Bezel™the bill acceptor communicates to the customer what bills it can accept. If there are not enough bills in the recycler portion to accept a $20 bill the Smart Bezel™ will tell customers it is only accepting $1, $5 and $10; if the change is even lower the bill acceptor will tell the customer it is only accepting $1 & $5. When the level of bills and/or coins increases the Smart Bezel™ will change the display to accepting the higher bills.


  • Advanced bill image processing and dynamic sensor calibration offer industry-leading bill acceptance and fraud protection.
  • Centric drive technology compensates for skewed bill insertions, ensuring highest first-time acceptance.
  • Quick-release bezel offers fast installation and removal of bill acceptor without the use of tools.
  • Dual anti-stringing technology provides superior heat resistance.
  • Capture new customers with eye-catching impulse lights.
  • Sculpted 360° illuminated bezel offers ease of bill insertion and triggers incremental consumer transactions.
  • Automated self-diagnostics ensure optimal performance resulting in fewer service calls.
  • Teach-n-Go coupon technology offers fast coupon enabling for unlimited promotional opportunities.


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