Coinco BillPro BP4BX Bill Validator Accepts $1’s, 5’s, $10’s & $20’s Refurbished



This high tech Coinco BillPro BP4BX Bill Validator uses the state of the art Innovative Flexstack high capacity bill box that holds up to 500 bills. Their anti-cheat mechanisms greatly minimize fraudulent transactions. Unlike any bill acceptor, this machine uses two types of tests, optical and magnetic bill test that greatly resists counterfeit bills and helps improve security.  To improve transport reliability, the machine uses the new bill path clearing software routine. The bill inlet is illuminated to for further security and the machine is designed with snap-in modules for easy cleaning and access.

BP4-BX version if using on a Soda Machine.


•  Model BillPro BP4-BX
•  Coinco
•  BillPro
•  Large bill box
•  MDB interface
•  Dollar bill validator, 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, 20’s.


  • Innovative Flexstack™ bill box expands to hold up to 500 bills
  • New bill path clearing software routine significantly improves transport reliability by 110%
  • Improved anti-cheat device reduces fraud
  • Easy cleaning, snap-in modules for on the spot service
  • Resists counterfeiting by subjecting each bill to two types of tests, optical and magnetic, unlike other bill acceptors
  • Flash programmable microcontroller, simplified upgrades for future feature additions
  • Resists cheating and vandalism
  • Returned bill feature “holds” bill for customer retrieval
  • Illuminated inlet simplifies trouble-shooting and captures attention for more vends
  • Rugged design withstands harsh environments
  • 30 Day Warranty


Any questions please call 714-538-0835.



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