Automatic Products 6600 Snack Vending Machine



Re-manufactured Automatic Products Model 6000 Snack Vending Machine. All of our machines come with a coin mechanism and validator (bill acceptor) installed. This machine is 4 columns wide and is a multi-price machine, that means each selection can be set to a different price and can vend a variety of candy, chips, snacks, etc. Snack vending machines that are 4 columns wide can carry wider selection and have more capacity than a 4 column wide machine. The advantage of these Model 6000 machines is that they are newer and more reliable for heavy use. Also they were a workhorse of the industry and sold in large numbers so that there are retro fit kits available to update them for new technology (credit card readers, vend screen, remote monitoring, etc.). In your larger high traffic locations, these vending machines will make you a lot of money. If late gate is required for delivery there will be an additional 75.00 charge. Comes with lock and two keys. We can ship anywhere in the United States. We can deliver up to 25 miles for $150.00. Please let us know if you have any questions 714-538-0835.
Our quality is the best
Capacity: 300-400 items.
Dimensions: Height: 72″ | Width: 33″ | Depth: 35″
Shipping Weight: 750 lbs

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